Friday, July 24, 2009

Sleep and Depression

Many teenagers might resent their parents for enforcing a bed time, but a recent study indicates that children who get to bed by 10 PM on a week night are less likely to become depressed or have suicidal thinkings.

“This study bolsters the argument that a lack of sleep can cause depression,” said study author James Gangwisch, an associate professor of psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City.

The National Institutes of Health study, released on June 9 at the National Sleep Conference in Seattle, says that depression and sleep can go hand in hand.

The survey also has a new spin on the sleeping habits of kids, including the effects of sleeping too little and too much. The information is based on the observation of 15,000 teens, 1,143 of whom had depression, and 2,038 of whom had suicidal views.

Bryan Carmona, 18, of Sunrise, said in a Facebook audience that he does have a bed time and that it probably has helped him in the long run.

Carmona said he understands that having adequate sleep is important if he has to wake up early for school every day; otherwise the days would seem longer and more things would seem to go wrong.

“Depression comes with the territory [of a] crappy day,” he said.

There is another side, according to the study. Some people who sleep too much suffer from depression, and have a hard time getting out of bed. In this case, too much sleep can be just as detrimental as too little, the study says.

The study concludes that one way to help teens reach a happy medium where they get just enough sleep is for parents to enforce a curfew of 10 p.m., since it is unlikely that school districts will implement a later school start time.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Diagnose Bipolar Disorder

Many of these signs are look-alike to those that happen in teenagers with other problems such as drug abuse, delinquency, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or even schizophrenic psychosis.

Research has cleared the power to analyze Bipolar Disorder in babies and teens. Bipolar Disorder can start in childhood and during the young years, although it is usually diagnosed in adult life. The illness can affect anyone. Nonetheless, if one or both parents experience Bipolar Disorder, the chances are bigger that their minors may get the disorder. Family history of drug or alcohol mistreat also may be related with greater chance for Bipolar Disorder.

Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder can be effectively treated. Treatment for Bipolar Disorder commonly includes education of the patient and the family about the sickness, temper stabilizing medicaments such as lithium, valproic acid, or ” atypical antipsychotic”, and psychotherapy. Mood stabilizing medications often shorten the number and stiffness of manic episodes, and also help to prevent depression. Psychotherapy helps the child see himself or herself, adapt to stresses, rebuild self-esteem and improve human relationships.

The diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder in babies and adolescents is complicated and requires close observation over an extended period of time. A careful evaluation by a youngster and young psychiatrist discover Bipolar Disorder and start treatment.

Depressive symptoms

  • irritability, low mood, persistent sorrow, frequent crying
  • sentiments of dying or suicide
  • loss of enjoyment in loved actions
  • frequent ailments of physical illnesses such as head aches or gastralgia
  • short energy level, outwear, hard concentration, complaints of boredom
  • major exchange in eating or sleeping forms, such as oversleeping or overeating

Teen Bipolar Depression Symptoms

Kids and teens with Bipolar Disorder have manic and/or depressive symptoms. Several may have generally depression and others a combination of manic and depressive symptoms. Highs may alternate with lows.

Manic symptom include:
  • strong changes in mood-either unusually laughing or ridiculous, or very reactive, inflamed, pushed or hostile
  • surrealistic highs in self-esteem - for example, a teen who feeling all authoritative or like a superfighter with special powers
  • serious increase in vigor and the ability to go with short or no rest for days without feeling drawn
  • increase in talking - the teenager talks too much, too fast, switches topics too quickly, and cannot be interrupted
  • distractibility - the young's attention moves perpetually from one thing to the next
  • repetitive high risk-taking behavior; such as, abusing alcoholic drink and does drugs, reckless driving, or sexual promiscuity

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Teen Depression A Guide for Parents

Youth lowest point is not straight bad tendencies and occasional melancholy. Lowest point is a serious problem, which affects each aspect one in a juvenile manner life. Left untreatedly, in a juvenile manner lowest point knows problems and school, drug abuse, to--abhor-even irreversible tragedy like murderous act of violence or suicide at home leads. Fortunately youth lowest point can be treated and an involved parents, a teacher or a friend, there many things is there, you can do, in order to help.

Understanding teen depression

There are this way a lot of fallacies concerning teenager depression since there are in general concerning teenagers. Yes, the teenager years are tough, but the most of teenager years bring requires fear with good friendships, success in school or outside activities, and the development of a strong meaning of himself in balance. The occasinal bad polls or acting must be expected from, but the depression is different something. The depression can destroy the actual nature of individuality of a teenager, a causing overwhelming meaning of desolation, despair, or anger. If the by-effect of teenager depression increases in fact, or we only more aware becomes of, the fact is that the teenagers of depression strikes think much more often than most of people. And although highest the depression to treat is, the experts say only 20% of depressed teenager years ever aid receive. In contrast to adults, who have to the capacity call in aid on them, itself the teenagers must usually on parents, teachers, or other caregivers base to recognise them suffering and them the treatment which they have required to get. This way if you have an adolescent in your life, it is learn important to which teenager depression looks at as and what doing if you stain the warning signals.

Treatments for Teen Depression

Adolescent Depression is a very significant issue forth that must be given a lot of attention. Many folks dismiss teens' depression for the reason that that's just how adolescents are. To a degree, why not? Adolescents are by nature grumpy. Adolescent depression however is very serious. Left untreated it can be in front to tragic consequences. There are signs of adolescent depression that can be acclaimed if you are aware of them.

Adolescence may withdraw from relatives, associates, and activities; they may spend a lot of time in their rooms. A be aware of of deep unhappiness and of misery, like nothing is going to get better for them may exist. They may feel like they are unable to attain their goals.

Low self-esteem anger and rage are also evidence of adolescent depression. Sensitivity to condemnation, lack of motivation, and the failure to produce decisions and concentrate besides exist in depressed adolescence. Changes in siesta and/or diet, substance abuse, and suicidal opinion may be evident as well.

If your adolescent or if you know of a adolescent who may be depressed it is significant to permit them know you fear and to get them help as soon as possible. Healings for adolescent Depression are similar to that for adults. Therapy and medication may be prescribed. The problem with medications though is that they have not been tested for long characterize use in adolescence. Seek has besides bare that adult antidepressants that are used for new children to older adolescence have been known to cause suicidal ideation as well as attempts at suicide.

An extra workable healing that might be an option for your adolescent is Herbal Supplementation. A blend of limitation herbs identified to affect mood and other nutritive substances such as vitamins and minerals are formulated into a nutritional supplement, by and large in capsule form. This type of supplement can effect for mild to moderate cases of depression. There is not adequate data to tell to how they influence more serious Depression.

How to reduce teens stress

Find a hobby. If a person enjoys doing something their level of the pressure becomes lower. Also included in sport or art or another hobby so will can miracles for a teenager' work on pressure level. Other things, which a young person could do to reduce in order to help, their pressure level are, to improve their eating habits and to receive a regular quantity of the exercise. They must also learn, as one eases.

Youth can have very busy lives. They can be held for partial time job, play haven and be included into straight approximately everything generally with. To learn, as one can be very favourably to them relaxed. Sometimes straight like the adult, can a young person straight to take must; Time out of everything. Develop a regularly temporally planned "me" Time would help tremendously.